Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dixie Mine Trail, McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Regional Park. January 5, 2018

Short Hike - Hiked up Dixie Mine Trail, then on Windmill Trail. Came back to the Dixie Mine and Petroglyphs where they had lunch then back onto the Dixie Mine Trail. 

Medium Hike - Hiked up the Dixie Mine Trail to a viewpoint for the Dixie Mine Tailings. Then hiked up Dixie Mine trail, stopped for Lunch and went back to the trailhead. 

Long Hike - We hiked up the Dixie Mine Trail which goes through several washes and interesting terrain.  From Dixie Mine Trail we turned up a little wash with a lot of vegetation until we arrived at the Dixie Mine. We turned right on this trail to the Petroglyphs that were above some rocks on the wash.  
We turned back on the same trail then turned left onto the Dixie Mine trail and continued until lunch. The terrain was fairly flat. We kept going on the Dixie Mine trail until the Prospectors trail which took us across to the Coachwhip Trail. We continued on the Coachwhip trail, past the Windmill trail and back to the Dixie Mine Trail. 

See the Fountain from Fountain Hills

The long hike 

Directions to Dixie Mine Trail, McDowell Sonoran Preserve. 
From Casa Grande travel north on Interstate 10. Turn right onto 202. Then turn north on 101. Turn right onto East Shae Blvd then turn left onto North Palisades Blvd. Then turn left onto Sunridge Drive and left onto Mountain Parkway. The trailhead is on the left. 
Google map to Dixie Mine Trail