Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Seven Falls and Bear Canyon - Sabino Canyon Visitor Centre - March 3, 2017

Map online of this trail: 
Long hike - This scenic hike up a canyon to a set of waterfalls starts from the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center. Go past the washrooms and start walking up the trail. The trail crosses a road where the trail runs parallel to the road. Continue on a short walk until the trailhead #29 is reached. The trail crossed Sabino Creek once then starts to follow Bear Creek farther up the canyon, crossing it seven times and gradually climbing the canyon. After crossing the creek the seventh time and about ¾ of a mile from the falls, the trail proceeds up the right-hand side of the canyon. The trail climbs in a series of switchbacks that are not too steep and then levels somewhat, although still climbing until a junction is reached, almost opposite the falls and you take the left fork. The trail winds down the right side and then crosses over the end of the canyon and down to the falls after a distance of .2 miles.Tall peaks surround the falls area and there is a large area of flat rock to walk on and sit and enjoy the views and the falls, a great place for lunch. Time elapsed to this point is about 2 hours, depending on the speed of the group. Return by the same trail. Length 9.2 miles.

Short Hike - Take the Bear Canyon tram, which runs on the hour, ($4.00/person) to the Bear Overlook. We need to make the 10:00 shuttle. It will be a fairly easy hike, (except one steep area), 2.7 mi. Return the same way.  5.4 mi. round trip (7.3 mi. if you don’t ride the tram back.)
(Notes from Peter’s hiking notes and notes from a map from the All Trail Website)

Driving Directions:  
From I-10 and Florence Blvd. go south on I-10. At Exit 250 go east on W. Orange Rd. which will become E. Orange Grove, to E. Skyline Dr. Turn right on Skyline, which will become Sunrise Dr.   At the end of Sunrise Dr. watch for the brown Sabino Canyon sign on the right, then turn left on Sabino Canyon Rd. at the light. Sabino Canyon Visitor Center is a short distance on the right. (17+ mi. from I-5)  (32°18’34.08”N  110°49’24.86”W)
(Note:  Cars can enter through the left lane and park free if a Golden Age Passport or other National Park pass is displayed on the dashboard) Bring your passports to share at signup if you can.
(Parking is often a problem. Cruise around and drop off your passenger to hold any open spot you see until you can get parked.)

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